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Frequently Asked Questions

How was the data for LedBetter gathered?

LedBetter’s data was compiled using publicly available information published by the companies themselves, typically on an investor relations, annual report or corporate governance page. The Database has been thoroughly fact-checked, and will be regularly updated.

How is the LedBetter Index calculated?

The LedBetter Index is calculated on a 100-point scale. We take the percentage of women on the board, multiply that by 100 and the percentage of women on the executive team multiplied by 100, then take the average of the two numbers. The resulting index figure reflects the average of a company’s female representation on its board and its executive team.

What do these LedBetter Index scores mean?

The index figure reflects the average of a company’s female representation on its board and executive team. For example, if a company has a 50% female board and a 0% female executive team, its LedBetter Index score would be 25. We’ve made notes in our press release about companies that had particularly lopsided executive teams and boards, and also highlighted companies that rank particularly high and low in terms of gender equality in leadership, including companies that have an Index score of zero — no women on their boards or executive teams. Check out our analysis here.

How do you define who's on an executive team?

A company's executive team is defined as the people it presents to the public as its executive team, typically on a corporate governance website or in investor materials.

Why isn’t [X company] in the LedBetter database?

Entries in our database were culled from the Fortune 100 and Forbes Most Valuable Brands lists, and also include other popular consumer brands, particularly those that market their products to women. In some cases, companies were omitted due to scant or difficult-to-parse publicly available data, which was often the case for privately held companies and firms outside the U.S. LedBetter aims to expand and improve its database. Help us expand our mission to shine a light on gender equality in leadership by volunteering or making a donation.

What should I do if I see an error or a problem with the application?

Contact us, please!

My company isn’t listed, but I’d like to see it in the LedBetter database. How can I make that happen?

Send us publicly available links or documentation with information on your board of directors and executive team. We’ll take it from there!

Who is behind LedBetter?

LedBetter was cofounded by journalist Iris Kuo and marketing leader Camille Ricketts, who is a former journalist. LedBetter is also supported by a grant from the International Women’s Media Foundation. Read more about our story and about our volunteer staff here.

Why did you start LedBetter?

LedBetter was created to facilitate easy-to-use public access to data on the number of women in leadership at the world’s top brands and companies. The idea came about when LedBetter Co-founder and CEO Iris Kuo wondered why consumers couldn’t easily see if they were buying from companies that promoted gender equality in leadership. Co-founder Camille Ricketts agreed, and the two began assembling the LedBetter Database of companies, brands and figures reflecting the number of women in leadership. Kuo and Ricketts envisioned a searchable, user-friendly interface where anyone could access the data, empower themselves with knowledge, and shop according to their values. In 2015, Kuo’s proposal for LedBetter was selected out of more than 600 applicants for an International Women’s Media Foundation grant, making development of a web application possible.

How accurate is this data?

LedBetter hired a journalist to fact-check each entry in its database in May 2016 and launched the app in June. To see when an entry was last updated, click on the brand and look at the “Last Updated” line at the bottom of the screen. We aim to update the database on an annual basis, but feel free to contact us if you spot an error.

I love this! How can I support LedBetter?

Thank you! Please donate to help us sustain, expand and update the LedBetter database. Any amount helps tremendously. We are largely a volunteer-run organization. LedBetter is deeply grateful to the International Women’s Media Foundation’s Howard G. Buffett Fund for the grant that allowed the app to launch. However, we are in need of additional funding in order to continue expanding the database and keeping it up-to-date.

LedBetter also welcomes volunteers. Please contact us if you would like to donate your time and/or expertise.